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Lent is a season where we remember Jesus's 40 days in the wilderness when he was tempted by the devil. It is a time where we reflect on Christ's suffering and death, and also remember our own mortality. We embrace our weakness and recognize our need for Christ. We consider all of this as we wait for the Resurrecteion of Jesus from the grave. As we wait for Easter, we take time to consider our condition.

Remember that on March 10-13 we have a revival that we have entitled GROW. It is a time of special emphasis where we take a few extra days to grow in Christ. Sometimes it is needed to break out of our regular rhythm. It is a time we hope we can all come together and fellowship beforehand, and enjoy the time growing together. Dr. Reed (our speaker), will be unpacking Colossians 3 as we talk about how we live out the Christian life. While the first Chapters of Colossians work out our theology, Colossians 3 helps us understand how we live this theology in our lives. Come be a part of GROW!